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Almasa's rapid development in just 10 years has been acclaimed as one of the major corporate success stories in recent history. Mehdi Amjad's pioneering spirit and desire to make the Middle East self−sufficient in all its IT needs and his ambition to establish a class−leading business has won him the respect of the region's business community and his peers.

Almasa was formed with the single aim of developing one of the leading IT companies in the Middle East. Though IT still remains at the core of the business, Almasa has diversified into new business ventures. Real estate interests have been developed into a dedicated property subsidiary with a strong focus on the UAE market and keeping technology at the forefront.

Almasa began as a small IT Reseller in 1995 and has evolved into the leading IT distributor for the Middle East and North Africa within a short span of time. The success of its core business enabled it to diversify not only into other technology−driven interests such as business solutions, hardware manufacturing, software development, networking solutions but also into real estate.

Almasa has three companies under its umbrella:

    1. Almasa IT Distribution

    2. Almasa Value Distribution

    3. Cazar

By strengthening its position in these niche areas, the Almasa name has become synonymous with dynamic success and growth − a factor that has enabled the company to grow from a Dh 1 million start−up to a Dh 2 billion conglomerate in less than 10 years.

Our emphasis on strengthening customer−focused values, maintaining high operating standards and building long−term partnerships continues to lead Almasa towards infinite business opportunities and success. As it continues to expand its business worldwide, Almasa remains committed to consolidating its operations by partnering with leading manufacturers and service providers across the globe. Building on our basic products and services, we develop value−added solutions and management processes to improve the quality of businesses worldwide. The result is an aligned and energized company, positioned to continue to deliver exceptional returns for our shareholders.

One of the chief reasons for Almasa's growth and performance is focus. Businesses are subdivided into business units and not only each business but each business unit has a clearly defined focus and strategy. This allows each Director, Business Unit Manager and Team Member of the group's strong workforce to be aligned and to strive towards achieving their respective goals.

Almasa continues to work as a group committed to being  a   customer−focused company, and therefore maintains a brand approach that underlines the company's dynamic growth in all forms of visual communication. Almasa Holdings' entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in its vibrant corporate identity, which expresses the infinite ways in which the group touches the lives of people.

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